Nicole Nussbaum

Studio Page Redesign

Once we decided to open up the ClassPass studio pages to logged out members and non-members, we had to approach the design from a different angle. The page was no longer just about serving our members the information that they needed to book a class, it was also now a primary organic search funnel to attract new members to ClassPass, and to set ourselves as an authority in the fitness space.



User goals

Business goals


At the beginning of this project, we did a round of phone calls to understanding current behavior - how do people research new studios outside of ClassPass today? Who are these users and what are their needs?

Results from the phone calls were:

User Journey Map

Using these results and results from past research that we've done, I created a User Journey Map.


There were so many opportunities to tackle when redesigning the studio page. First being a mobile adaptive design that uses more native design and interaction patterns. There were also opportunities for new features. We were sitting on a bunch of data that wasn't being used to its advantage: attributes for classes that ClassPass members vote on; photos that the studio uploads during their onboarding process; we could slice and dice member ratings and reviews in ways that are more digestable and helpful; we could tap in to studios' social media accounts to allow their voice to shine through; etc. More importantly, once I had the design for our current data, we could start thinking about what data we should start collecting so that we can have an even richer set of information for our users.

Mobile design and interactions

Desktop design

Desktop interactions

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