Nicole Nussbaum

ClassPass Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

6 months ago, if you searched ClassPass on Google, you would find lots of great articles about the company, our wonderful CEO, and various start-up things. But what if you had never heard of ClassPass but were looking for “Yoga in Flatiron District”? I worked closely with the Marketing team to design new pages to increase our web presence and help more people find us through fitness-related searches.



Potential members looking for fitness classes on Google.

User goals

Business goals


There were 3 main challenges that we wanted to tackle with this design iteration:

  1. The layout is not mobile optimized
  2. Filters aren't discoverable or easy to use on mobile
  3. Our paths to conversion are not as strong as they could be


First, I played with a couple of different types of organizing and filtering search results.

After some exploration, I found a flow that worked well with our content, and refined it with wireframes.



I worked closely with the engineers on my team and we got the concept out into mobile web.


ClassPass SERP | Partner Dashboard | Studio Page Redesign | Walkadoo iOS Relaunch