Nicole Nussbaum

Studio Dashboard

ClassPass is a two sided marketplace. We rely on the happiness of our partners to provide our members with great fitness experiences. I studied our partners and the studio employees who used the portal to track their user journeys and provide them with a great product.


User Journey

My first priority when I joined the team was to get to know our users (studio owners, managers, and instructors). I spent time with our User Researcher and PM to organize and moderate on-site user interviews.

“It’s not just coming in here doing exercise, it's connecting with the people in the room”

“Entrepreneurial life is brutal”

“I’m doing the job that I was supposed to be doing”

Once I got to know our users better, I was ready to solve some problems.

Dashboard Redesign

The dashboard has been long neglected as far as design goes. The navigation isn't laid out in the most efficient way, and many users have created their own hacks to get around some of the dashboard's core user problems. Moreover, every time we launched a new feature, we had trouble promoting it to our users, so the team wanted a way to educate our users about new features and updates. The Partner Dashboard has the opportunity to be a true dashboard, so I started exploring what that could look and act like.

Current dashboard

Proposed dashboard

Profile Management

Studios want to be able to change copy for their class descriptions, studio descriptions, and other details. We also want to allow them to add rich media to help CP members make more informed decisions about the classes they reserve. Currently, the AMs need to make all changes outside of the portal. Changing a photo takes about 5 minutes per venue (for 3 photos). Changing teacher photos takes about 7-10 minutes each and is a very broken process. Content changes are more simple but still take CP employees about 1-2 minutes.

User quotes:

*Studio names changed


Since I was in the process of proposing the new navigation and dashboard, I designed the profile management tool to fit in the new design.

However, since we would need to launch the tool before tackling the navigation, I also designed the tool within our current structure and UI.

User Research

We conducted user research with three of our studio partners. We had three users come in and our UX researcher walked them through a functional prototype. Our main findings were:

I studied these findings to determine solutions we could add to the designs without adding engineering scope.


Since launching the Studio detail management tool, it's been used by 1,340 venues, with an average of 6 changes per venue. Our partners and account managers are thrilled to have this feature, and the team has plans to extend it to include more customizable information, like classes and instructors.

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