Nicole Nussbaum

A product designer passionate about mindful experiences,
logical problem solving, and wellness.


Search Engine Results Page

I worked closely with the Marketing team to design search engine results pages (SERPs) and a new filtering system to acquire organic traffic and allow users to find the right studios for them.

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Partner Dashboard

ClassPass is a two sided marketplace. We rely on the happiness of our partners to provide our members with great fitness experiences. I studied our partners and the studio employees who used the portal to track their user journeys and provide them with a great product.

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Studio Page Redesign

Each of our partners has a home page within our product. We wanted to make these pages accessible to logged out users and organic traffic while still keeping them relevant to our members.

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Walkadoo iOS Relaunch

When I came aboard the Walkadoo team, we began to plan for an iOS relaunch. Walkadoo is an app that provides user with a new step goal every morning (calculated by our algorithm that references the amount of steps you took the last couple of days to calculate a realistic but challenging goal).

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