Nicole Nussbaum


User goals

As a user, I want to feel on top of my group project. I want to know what parts of the project are due and who is doing them. I want to feel that I am putting in a fair amount of work and that my teammates are doing the same. I want to be able to contact my team members easily.

The Problem

For my Interactive Media Capstone project, I worked with Craig Berry, Matt Gowie, Maple Kuo, Sarah Park, and John Reardon under the advisal of Mark Sivak.

We set out to improve upon the experience of group projects. Through a survey of 200 students, we found that students have a hard time organizing and putting in equal amounts of work, and that everyone receives the same grade. We began with research; we surveyed students and professors, researched our competition, and conducted interviews.

Design and development

We analyzed the results, and began low-fidelity wireframing and walk-throughs for specific interactions.

Then, I worked with the rest of the design team on the front-end development and user interface using Twitter Bootstrap and SASS while the development team worked in Handlebars.js. Together we used GitHub for version control. Finally, we tested our product, updating the design and UX as necessary.

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