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Walkadoo mobile app


When I came aboard the Walkadoo team, there was an iOS app that had very basic functionality- see your step goal, see the feed, comment and smile on feed items. The app mirrored much of the predetermined web app branding. We began to plan for a relaunch, with which we would introduce new features monthly. We chose to focus on derbies, our competitive feature. We also wanted to add more social activity to the app, including the ability to search for friends, follow new people, and invite friends to join. Finally, we wanted to add the ability for users to select an avatar for the derby- users would receive new avatars as they level-up and complete tasks within the app.


Bringing derbies to mobile would take a complete redesign. On web, they were laid out horizontally, and created with a lot of layered, skeuomorphic detail.

The web version of derbies were horizontal and skeuomorphic, so I had to do some redesigning to make it work on mobile.

I began to sketch ideas for the mobile derby, making decisions about what information needs to be visible and what can show up on tap.

I had a whiteboard session with my team in which I shared my ideas roughly sketched out on a whiteboard, explained my choices, and opened the floor for feedback and suggestions. With the help from our iOS developer, I had a new idea for how the derby characters would be displayed when the user scrolled down to read the comments.

When a user scrolls down, their avatars will file into a strip at the top of the screen so that the user can see the order and placement of the racers when they go to comment.

I worked on some low fidelity mock ups and then used Pixate to create a prototype of the scroll animation. FYI, The animation includes an outdated color scheme.

Being a quick and dirty prototype, I was not very creative with the names and profile pictures...

When the derby ends, I wanted there to be a celebration moment and comprehensive communication so that the user can tell how they did and possibly how they can improve.

Derby creation

Now that we had the ability to view derbies on mobile, we wanted to build in functionality to create and invite people to join a derby from their phones.

I created a prototype of the micro-animations that would occur when the user invites others to join their derby.

Once we finished building out derbies for mobile, we started to explore adding in the derby avatars/characters. We decided to start by giving each user three characters to start with before allowing them to earn different ones. I started to research different methods of gamefication to discover what impact the characters could have on our users. I wanted to discover what users could learn about other users based on their avatars, and what would drive users to select certain avatars.

I created a prototype of how a user would select their character (first video). I worked closely with the iOS developer, and we ended up doing something slightly different on the app (second video).


Since we wanted to allow users to connect and socialize on the mobile app, we needed to start building a basic profile, starting simply with lists of followers and following, plus a link to settings. The next step was adding search.

And so on...

This is just a snapshot of the work I did for the Walkadoo app. I'll talk your ear off about it if you ask!

Walkadoo onboarding

Walkadoo team competition




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