Nicole Nussbaum

A product designer passionate about mindful experiences,
logical problem solving, and wellness.


Work experience

Product Designer
March 2016 — Present

I work closely with my project manager and engineers to create engaging and effective web experiences for prospective members.

Product Designer
MeYou Health
April 2015 — January 2016

MeYou Health offers a well-being program that includes 5 products. I was on the Walkadoo team. Walkadoo is a desktop and mobile app that encourages users to walk more, little by little, using customized step goals and point-based competitions.

I worked in two-week design sprints, starting with a design meeting to brainstorm user and product goals, then moving through ideation and wireframes, a whiteboard review, mock-ups, and ending with prototypes and advising implementation.

User Experience Designer
PayPal Media Network (Defunct)
September 2014 — February 2015

I designed and developed emails compatible across all clients, browsers, and devices. I also designed and developed responsive location-based advertisements and landing pages for various clients, using HTML, CSS, and JQuery. I created in-house marketing materials such as infographics, illustrations, and sales presentations.

User Experience Designer (Contract)
September 2013 — June 2014

I designed various interactive features for the web application AdviseStream, which is targeted towards pre-med students applying to med schools. I worked closely with the development team, sharing annotated mock-ups and prototypes.

Graphic Designer (Contract)
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
January 2012 — June 2012

I designed various print collateral from concept to completion including (but not limited to) ads, posters, invitations, illustrations, banners, brochures, and newsletters. I used Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to design and produce apps from concept to completion, including provisioning and publishing.


BFA Graphic Design and Interactive Media
Northeastern University
May 2014


January 2014 — June 2014

I worked with two other designers to design and prototype a delightful app that prompted users with small tasks in the categories of Creative, Knowledge Building, Mindfulness, and Fitness to punctuate their days and cultivate joy. We designed satisfying, entertaining interactions, including an interactive “ball pit” of the user’s completed tasks (each portrayed as a brightly colored ball).

We researched design opportunities, storyboarded, organized our information architecture, went through hundreds of post-its in paper prototyping, and used Axure to prototype. We performed user testing at almost every step, reworking the app as necessary.

September 2013 — June 2014

In a team of three other designers and two programmers, we set out to improve the experience of group projects. We created a simple, satisfying task management tool that utilized a global progress bar and individual progress bars to encourage equal input from the team members. We presented at RISE:2014 (Research, Innovation, and Scholarship Expo), and won in Interdisciplinary Studies.

First, we researched competitors, gave surveys, and facilitated interviews. We then went through rapid iterations of wireframes and interactions. We worked on front-end development, using SASS and GitHub. Finally, after user testing, we went back to iterate.

Realm of Racket
January 2011 — July 2013

I collaborated with a team of computer science students and professors to write, edit, produce, and market a programming textbook. As co-author, I wrote technical prose with a clear, easy-to-understand tone. As the layout designer, I chose and applied typographic treatments and layout to the book.

I participated in and led heated discussions about word choices, sentence structure, the oxford comma, and various other grammatical choices (I am pro-oxford-comma). I loved working with the team to edit the book and discussing every little detail.

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