Nicole Nussbaum


User goals

As a user, I want to increase my daily mindfulness and experience moments of lightness and energy throughout my day. I want to feel encouraged when I complete things, not punished when I don't. I want to complete goals that I didn't know I set.

Bite-sized achievements

My team and I decided to create an app in the goal-setting space. Through research of our competition, we found that many goal-setting programs are rooted in negativity. Progress bars, while showing how far a user has come, also glaringly shows the user how far they have left to go; no matter how far a user has come, if they don't finish, they fail. We wanted to focus on small, bite-sized achievements instead. We also decided early on that we wanted users to be able to end a task early and still be congratulated for the work that they did (even if it's only 10 seconds!).

Storyboards and paper prototypes

Our first step was creating storyboards. I mapped out a story for a current Recess user, walking through how they felt before using the app, while using the app, and after using the app.

Next, we create paper prototypes with post-it notes for a few user-flows, and tested them with our classmates. We then layed out all of our screens and interactions to determine our information architecture. After that, we paper prototyped by sketching each screen and again testing in class.

Finally, we worked through high fidelity mock-ups, and created a digital interactive prototype using Axure. We continued to improve upon the design and prototype per our testing results.

Business model

After talking with colleagues and potential investors, we thought through two different business models.

The first would be pairing with local gyms or wellness centers to offer users prizes (such as gift cards, free gym classes, or smoothies) when they get a certain number of balls in their ball pit.

The other is to pair with doctors, physical therapists, and therapists to create customized Recess tracks (including prescriptive exercises) for clients and patients.

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