Nicole Nussbaum


User goals

As a user, I want to be able to dine with a group of friends without the stress of splitting the bill. I want to be able to share a dish with one friend, and another dish with two friends, and be able to easily pay my share. I want to be able to check out and leave the table early if others are sitting around.

Disrupt dining

Checkit was an app designed to improve the experience of a group of diners splitting a bill. Our app worked with the restaurants' POS systems, so that a group of diners could check in to a participating restaurant and table, and their bill would self-populate as an itemized list. The diners are then able to select which items they will pay for; if more than one diner selects an item, then they will split it. Using, the diner can then safely check out on their phone, paying for their share plus tax and tip.

I worked closely with our iOS and Android developers, along with the iOS 6 and 7 design guidelines.

When we started pitching to chains and companies, I designed a branded version of the app, allowing for e-commerce and previewing the menu.

Walkadoo mobile app

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